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Tips and Advice for Managers, Planners, and Event Production Professionals

August 20, 2018

How Your Theater Can Earn Revenue in the Off Season


Theatre company managers who operate their own venues have an incredibly valuable resource in the form of the spaces themselves. We recently spoke with Anetha and Olivia from VenueBook  about ways theatre companies can further leverage their venues.

October 31, 2017

Performing Arts Centers: Working with Outside Organizations

Managing the daily life of a Performing Arts Center is hard for many reasons. One major complicator is the fact that we constantly work with people and organizations from outside the walls of our building. Artists, rental clients, external vendors, part-time staff, and designers all have their own systems of working. We have little to no time together before we hit the ground running. It’s easy to overlook the added complexity this brings to everyone involved. Let’s take a moment to reflect on these ramifications and figure out what we can do to ease the frustration.

October 27, 2017

Performing Arts Centers: Managing Your Venues

Performing Arts Centers hold a place of strong cultural connection and value in the communities that surround them - be it cities, universities or private institutions. They are also notoriously difficult to manage with multiple events, shows, and gatherings being planned and executed simultaneously. One of the biggest challenges we face as managers is scheduling the seemingly endless (yet somehow always limited) number of venues and spaces in our facility. Here are several variables at play that must be considered when scheduling.

October 13, 2016

8 Awesome Websites to Help Find the Perfect Venue for Your Event

Few decisions are as important (or as stressful) as choosing a venue to host your event. It is both the backdrop and setting for every element; catering, design, guest accommodation, travel, even the basic technical capabilities of the space. The venue is going to be your home from the moment you ink a contract to the moment the last guest steps out the door so you better love it.

Here's the problem: there are literally tens of thousands of unique venues to choose from. You probably don't have time to research them all, especially if you've got other projects. Thankfully, these eight terrific websites can do the heavy lifting for you. Once you've settled on the basics like where and when, these venue finders can drastically speed up your decision-making process. 

For this blog, we focused on sites that primarily serve the US market. We'll tackle international sites in a future post. For now, sit back and let the search for your dream venue begin!

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