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September 10, 2018

5 Keys to Creating Rewarding Jobs in Theatre

In the theatre, we often hear that we work in this field because we "love it." But why is that exactly? What is it about our jobs make it so rewarding? There's an answer!

In a study, Richard Hackman, Greg Oldham, and their colleagues proposed that there are 5 identifiable features of intrinsically motivating jobs. In other words, there are some specific, elements to a job that make it something someone will actually enjoy doing.

So how do our jobs in theatre stack up to these 5 factors? How might we be able to adjust things to make our jobs even more rewarding for us and our team? 

August 28, 2018

How to Manage a Theatre World Premiere


Back in January we published a blog about Production Managing New Works. We heard some great feedback from you so we decided to delve a little deeper with some more specifics.

While the journey of managing a world premiere has many gratifying moments, we must prepare for the unique challenges of these shows. Here are some of the biggest considerations when producing new works.

January 19, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Labor Management Right: Part 1

Whether you work for a production company or any other organization responsible for managing events, you have probably found yourself in charge of booking and/or paying people.

Over the coming weeks we’re going to bring you a series of blogs that address the process of labor management in live events and how to get it right! Today, we’ll start with an overview of benefits and challenges and from there move into the two major parts of labor management: Booking Labor (everything before the event) and Tracking Actuals (everything after the event).

June 7, 2016

“Living” Wage: How the Fair Pay Debate Could Impact Your Event Business

What constitutes a fair and just minimum wage? Or perhaps the better question is: what should the minimum wage be, such that it is high enough for an individual to maintain a “normal standard of living?”

The debate over this “living wage,” especially in the broader context of existing minimum wage law is long and contentious. Spoiler alert: we don’t intend to solve it here. But recent legislation has passed or is pending in several major cities and at some state levels as well. At the same time, many more bills are currently working their way through state and local legislatures.

No matter the outcome, they will have a significant impact on many businesses. Especially event companies that often hire freelancers or contract low to minimum wage workers. Let's take a quick tour through a few of the issues businesses, and specifically event companies are going to face as the “living” wage debate heats up.

July 7, 2015

4 Ways to Reimagine Working with Freelancers

Last night I drove up to Ft. Collins, Colorado to have drinks with Chris & Lee. They own Rockfan Entertainment, a live sound and staging company operating throughout northern Colorado. We had an amazing conversation about owning and operating small businesses in the events world. As we spoke, all three of us kept remarking on how similar our people management challenges were. Even though we work at practically opposite ends of the country (me at Propared and Tinc Productions in NYC, they in Colorado), the fundamental processes of event staff management - hiring, booking, and communicating - were strikingly similar. Last week, I touched on the unique challenge of connecting with ever-changing project teams. After chatting with the guys at Rockfan, I was reminded of some great lessons learned over the years.

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