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October 28, 2016

4 Must-Read Tips to Help You Choose the Right Event Tech

2016 has been an exciting year in the events and meetings industry. The explosion in integrated technology has given event managers an entirely new set of tools, both to design more impactful experiences and create deeper relationships between clients and attendees.

But adopting new event tech, especially software, has to be more than just a set of features. Or what a colleague says (though trusted reviews are certainly helpful). Maybe now more than ever, in this tech-centric world, you need a plan. One that starts from the ground up and permeates every part of your event business.

So before you go running off to snap up the latest app, make sure you consider these 4 things first.

September 29, 2016

The Development Desk: Building Event Schedules That Don't Suck

Hello from the land of Propared! It’s been an interesting month as we leave summer behind and look forward to Fall. Any event planners who work in the Northeast can back us up; there is nothing quite like producing an outdoor event in the changing of the seasons.

But we digress; we’ve gathered together today to talk about our most recent event management software development work! Getting excited? We know, at times this stuff can seem dry. Who wants to sit through a long thread about requirements and testing? That’s why we try to approach these entries as logically and simply as possible. We want to give you a little insight into the real conversations we have about what we work on and why.

Here’s what we’re chatting about this month!

September 14, 2016

5 Things Planners Should Demand of Event Tech Software Providers


Let’s start off with a basic assumption. Any event tech platform you’re weighing has more or less the features you want. It has to meet your needs, otherwise you wouldn’t even consider it, right?

What event planners often overlook is a host of other factors that equally as important, such as customer support, security, and flexibility. Even the best software can be rendered useless by poor oversight or server issues.

Before you spend a dime of your budget on a piece of shiny, new event management software, make sure your provider is addressing these five issues first.

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