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January 10, 2017

The Production Manager's Crash Course to Mastering Event Rentals

It wasn't so long ago that "managing equipment" for an event was pretty straightforward. Lights? Check. A/V? Check. Set pieces, tables, chairs? Check, check, and check. But the emergence of interactive tech (VR, large touch screens)  has made inventory tracking much more difficult. The basics are still around. But now clients are demanding more custom products. Production managers need to address how to source, transport, and store gear they may never have worked with before.

Truthfully, most of the production managers I know can roll with anything. Just tell them what the client wants and they are pretty resourceful in designing ways to make it happen. That said, as events become increasingly complex, the process of sourcing gear gets more complicated as well. The best production managers apply some basic rules to every build, no matter how intricate. If you're stressing over renting a lot of gear for your next event, find some comfort in this guide. You'll be able to meet any challenge thrown your way.  

April 21, 2016

8 Questions You Need to Ask When Evaluating a Bid from a Vendor


I’ve been on both sides of the bidding process and I’ve always loathed it. It’s just never been a fun way for me to do business. It shifts the focus off nurturing the relationship, which I find to be of greatest value.

Of course, I understand why bids exist and I use them when appropriate. Too often though, event managers think of the bidding process as strictly a pricing mechanism or an exercise in feasibility. “What can be done for x amount?”

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